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My UX Philosophy

Helping my team succeed keeps a smile on my face. Knowing I made someone’s life better with my work is the best satisfaction I can find. I love to learn new things and see them from every side. I believe that the best ideas are big enough for many perspectives. Uncovering fresh insights and creating a design concept to address them is my design mojo. In my work as a UX designer I use my curiosity and empathy to make fact-based, user-centered designs. UX is the natural evolution of my career in creative problem solving. I realize now that I have always been doing UX, I just didn’t have the right words for it.

My backstory

I grew up in an artist’s home. My mother is a painter, seamstress, florist, interior designer and baker. When memories were being made, dad always had his camera. He loves to make people laugh and make gifts from wood. They gave us their best and I wouldn’t be who I am today without that.

As a boy I dreamt of being an architect and a car designer before deciding to study theology and Christian ministry in Chicago, IL. I wanted to find a way to help people and make the world a better place. Shortly after college, I spent almost 10 years as a freelance photographer working towards technical mastery and learning how to capture the ephemeral moments that provide a glimpse into the deep and unseen realities of life. I saw this in boreal sunrises, in countless weddings and as musicians gave their souls to their songs. Photography showed me how addictive learning through rapid iteration and constant improvement could be. While I built my photography business I also spent time in the food-service and retail industries. To this day, when I go into Best Buy I can’t stop myself from approaching fellow customers and selling them the right camera. It’s a sickness and I should probably get some help for it.

When I discovered UX it was the realization that this is where I have been trying to get, I just hadn’t known the name for it yet. If you think I could help you in any way, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you!


Tom is a User Experience Designer located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, open to work worldwide. | LinkedIn