Lifetime: New Member Registration


Life Time staff were looking to combine the quantitative data that they have about platforms used, common page paths, and where drop-offs occur with usability testing findings in order to further optimize and support users through the OMS process.


  • Competitive Analysis

  • Usability Testing

  • Heuristics Analysis

  • Trello Board

problem analysis

Lifetime brought on our team to help them asses their new member registration flow. They were losing a significant portion of visitors in their online membership sales channel and wanted to understand how they might improve their conversion rate.

Each member of our design team performed a usability review on the site and came up with a list of design/heuristics violations. We then synthesized these findings and developed scenarios for a usability test.


Thirteen remote and five in person usability tests were conducted on the sites online membership sales flow. The scenarios tested were:

  1. In this scenario, you are a basketball player (or participant’s preferred activity) and your significant other likes to swim. Can you show me how you’d go about selecting a gym that fits your needs?

  2. Next, you want to sign up for a membership at this gym for you and your significant other. Can you show me how you would sign up for a membership?


Each member of the design team recorded observations throughout the usability testing sessions. We then cataloged our observations in a central location and synthesized our findings.

Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.00.33 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-11-19 at 3.06.43 AM.png

proposed solution

The synthesis of user testing results led us to made design recommendations centered on how to reduce bounce ratings once a visitor enters the OMS. The primary reason those tested were unable to complete the OMS flow was because of an inability to locate a gym that meets their needs.

Because of this our design focused on how a user could easily be able to access and compare this information while on step one of the OMS flow. Both location access (a member’s access to use gym locations other than their main gym) and a location’s amenities were visualized and coded into the first step of OMS flow.


Next Steps

This solution is focused on solving the user’s primary problem in becoming a member of Lifetime online, using quick and effective design changes that require a minimal amount of changes and investment. This will enable lifetime to quickly address the key findings and begin A/B testing ways to further increase both user satisfaction and their OMS conversion rate.

Click here to view the findings and recommendations report.